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  • Some 1,100 Belgian citizens were officially recognised by a grateful British Government for helping the many thousands of escaped British (including those from the Empire - now Commonwealth) prisoners of war in Belgium.

  • Many, many more went unrecognised simply because no-one knew who they were.  Their total number is not known.  Some of those who were unknown are revealed in this book. 

  • They came from all walks of life.

  • There were very many women.

  • They came from across Belgium

  • Those who helped soldiers Included British subjects living in Belgium (they were mostly not recognised by the British Government who considered they were doing their patriotic duty).

  • A complete list of the known Belgian soldier helpers is included in the book.

The "Allied Subjects Medal" awarded in 1922 to Belgian subjects by the British Government for helping escaped prisones of war.

Who were the Heroes?: Welcome
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